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This PDF booklet contains 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016 HPAS Fully Solved Prelims Paper along with explanation in English medium. Booklet contains more than 500 solved questions, explanation is provided by Shunya Foundation Team.

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  1. 2010 HPAS Prelim Solved Paper

  2. 2011 HPAS Prelim Solved Paper

  3. 2012 HPAS Prelim Solved Paper

  4. 2013 HPAS Prelim Solved Paper

  5. 2014 HPAS Prelim Solved Paper

  6. 2015 HPAS Prelim Solved Paper

  7. 2016 HPAS Prelim Solved Paper

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2016 HPAS Solved Paper

  1. One of the better achievements of Kanha National Park is :

  2. In India, life expectancy is:

  3. United Nations has declared 2017 as the International Year of :

  4. AMRUT was launched on :

  5. Which of the following instruments is used for measuring the depth of the ocean?

  6. Where from is litmus dye extracted?

  7. Which of the following are the primary colors?

  8. Nail polish remover contains:

  9. Which of the following is the most promising biodiesel crop?

  10. Light year is a unit of :

  11. The most abundant rare gas in the atmosphere:

  12. From which place does the Spiti River originate?

  13. Nana Saheb, who fought against the English during the Indian Mutiny of 1857, was:

  14. Who presided over the first session of Indian National Congress in Bombay?

  15. Which Socio-Religious Movement of 19th-20th century adopted the practices of occult mysticism?

  16. Where the first session of Muslim League was held?

  17. Of the following, who shot dead Curzon Wyllie in London?

  18. Where was founded the Communist Party of India in 1920?

  19. Which event earned for Vallabhbhai Patel the title of “Sardar”?

  20. In which ocean ‘Mindanao Trench’ exists?

  21. Who is the author of the book “The Unstable Earth”?

  22. In order to prevent oxidation of potato chips during storage in sealed bags, chip manufacturers seal the packet in the presence of :

  23. Which of the following has a pH of above 10?

  24. Which of the following processes does not take place during photosynthesis?

  25. If someone is suffering form the problem of acidity after overeating, what is the remedy?

  26. Which one of the following is a correct sequencing of the features of the Preamble of India Constitution?

  27. Which schedule of the Constitution of India contains provisions for the disqualification of a legislator on grounds of defection?

  28. Who preside over the joint sitting of the Parliament?

  29. Under which provision can the Speaker allow any member of the House to speak in his/her mother language?

  30. Power of Judicial Review, provided in the constitution, is exercised on the basis of which principle?

  31. Which one of the following policies of Government of India is related to the availability of cooking gas to the BPL Households?

  32. HDI is measured with reference to:

  33. Which one of the following cities is called 'Silicon Valley of India'?

  34. Which country owns the Margarita Island which was the venue of 17th NAM Summit?

  35. Tehmina Janjua is the first woman in Pakistan’s history to hold the office of :

  36. Who among the following is the Chancellor of Nalanda University (2017)?

  37. To which country does the UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, belong?

  38. In which field was Juan Manuel Santos awarded the 2016 Nobel Prize?

  39. Donald Trump is:

  40. Teacher’s Day is celebrated on:

  41. Which Raja of Chamba transferred the capital of his state from Bharmaur to Chamba?

  42. During the reign of which raja of Nurpur princely state the forts of Maukot, Nurpur and Taragarh were captured by the Mughals?

  43. Which raja of Bushahr princely state was conferred the title of Chhatarpati by the Mughal emperor Aurangzed?

  44. By what name did the Greek scholars call the Satluj River?

  45. What is the approximate capacity of Sawra-Kuddu Hydro-Electric Power Project?

  46. At which place in Shimla District of H.P. is Government Sheep Breeding Farm?

  47. At which place in Bilaspur District of H.P. a woman Industrial Training Institute (I.T.I) has been made functional during 2015-16?

  48. The global agreement that deals with the control of transboundary movements of hazardous wastes and their disposal is called:

  49. The biological oxygen demand of water is reduced mainly by:

  50. The use of carbon tax has been very successful to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases in :

  51. Dead zones in the world’s oceans and large lakes are characterized by:

  52. Who among the following were conferred Padma Vibhushan Awards in 2017?

  53. Which of the following represents the major loss to the human kind due to environmental degradation?

  54. India ratified the Stockholm Convention for protecting human health and the environment from persistent organic pollutants in :

  55. The number of wetlands in India listed under Ramsar Convention is :

  56. In the Budget for 2017-18, the funds allocated for MGNREGA is:

  57. What was the unemployment rate during 2015-16 based on Usual Principal Status in India?

  58. Who conducts the periodical sample survey for estimating the poverty line in India?

  59. For the Budget proposals 2017-18; which of the following is not correct?

  60. Stalactites and Stalagmites are:

  61. Coral reefs are found between:

  62. Savanna region of Brazil is locally called as:

  63. In “Concentric Zone Model” of Burgess, the fifth ring is occupied by:

  64. Brahmaputra, after joining Tista river; is known as:

  65. Match is following and choose the correct answer from the codes given below:

  66. Which of the following States of India has the highest poverty ratio?

  67. The growth rate of Himachal Pradesh during 12th Plan (2012-17) has been estimated at:

  68. As per Census 2011, literacy rate in Himachal Pradesh for male and female respectively is:

  69. Match the following:

  70. Supreme Court’s judgement in Indira Sawhney Vs. Union of India is related to which issue?

  71. Provision for Grant-in-Aid under Article 243 H for the Panchayats has been made out of which source?

  72. Which of the following statements is correct in reference to the Finance Commission of India?

  73. Which one of the following is the correct statement with regard to the Emergency Provisions of Indian Constitution?

  74. Match List1 (Mines) and List2 (Minerals) using the codes given below:

  75. Who of the following, was not the Moderate leader of Indian National Congress?

  76. When was the Montague Declaration made about the introduction of responsible government in stages for India?

  77. Green Revolution made the country self-sufficient in food production but had some fallouts. Consider the following statements:

  78. Kol tribe is found in :

  79. Which of the following rivers have been termed as “living entities” by the High Court?

  80. The NOTA option was first used in the elections in :

  81. According to the UN Human Development Report (2016), the world’s top three countries in terms of human development are?

  82. Who among the following has been appointed Director of the Central Bureau of Investigation (2017)?

  83. The district to which two Chief Ministers of Northern States (2017) belong, falls in the state of :

  84. The Supreme Court issued a contempt notice to the sitting High Court Judge of:

  85. The Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister(s) of the following states were not members of the State Legislative Assembly at the time of their appointments (2017):

  86. Which month of 2017 marks the 100th anniversary of Gandhi’s arrival in Champaran?

  87. Who among the following were awarded Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratan Award for 2015-16?

  88. Who among the following was conferred Jnanpith Award in 2016?

  89. According to legend which God (Devta) killed Banasur who was the ruler of Sarahan area of upper Shimla?

  90. Who was the first European to draw attention to the history of royal families of Jalandhar and Trigarta?

  91. Around which year did the Gurkhas capture the Sirmaur princely state?

  92. Which Himachali revolutionary edited Sudarshan Chakra magazine from Lahore during the pre-independence period?

  93. What is the number of women members in the present H.P. Vidhan Sabha?

  94. How much subsidy is given in H.P. to the women of eligible category for providing Gas connection under Mata Shabri Mahila Sashaktikaran Yojana?

  95. What is the architectural style of Hateshwari Temple at Hatkoti (in Jubbal Tehsil of Shimla District)?

  96. Which of the following subject matter is not found in the Kangra Kalam style Kangra paintings of eighteenth century?

  97. In which two Districts of H.P. will the H.P. Forest Ecosystem Climate Proofing Project be implemented?

  98. According to 2010-11 Agricultural census what is the percentage of small land holding in H.P.?

  99. Which cement company has been given a prospecting license to carry out a detailed study for proving the quantity of lime-stone deposits in Sugrathi-Thangar-Kura Khera-paulikhera-Kandal–dedera of Tehsil Chopal in Shimla District, H.P.?

  100. Who is the author of book Kullu and Lahaul?

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