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Fast & Free DLI Downloader Desktop Tool to download eBooks from Digital Library of India, Supports download queue, parallel downloads, background jobs, automatic connection failure recovery and many more features

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Digital Library Of India [] hosts tens of thousands of copyright © freed scanned books in English and Indian Languages for public access. Unfortunately this website does not provide any mechanism to download the entire e-book in any format. DLI-downloader provides a smooth and hassle free interface to all DLI servers which allows you to search and downloads the eBooks right from the Tool.

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Key Features of this Tool

  1. Search/Download/Open DLI eBooks in PDF Format for free right within the Tool , no need to go to any DLI servers evers !
  2. Load balancing your download from multiple dli-servers for better speed.
  3. 100% Network Fault Tolerance - Downloads will not fail if the internet connection is disrupted, dli-downloader will silently wait for the connection restore.
  4. Queue Upto 100 of your e-book barcodes and this tool will download them silently for you over the time (batching of downloads).
  5. Option to control the download bandwidth of the tool so that it does not eat up all the data alone.
  6. Bulk download barcodes by providing the text file which contains all the requested barcodes delimited by the newline, comma or semicolon
  7. Upon application shutdown, it will save the queued up barcodes so that the downloads can be started again on next launch
  8. Application can minimize to the System Tray and thus keep running in background
  9. Works well on the Windows 7/8 PC, Ubuntu 12.10 and Mac, on both x86 and x64 OS’es
  10. Above all, everything is for Free !!

Introduction to DLI Downloader

Video - DLI Downloader Introduction


  1. Download this Free software from ShunyaFoundation
  2. Get License Key from
  3. Start the software and enter the License Key obtained in previous step.
  4. Start Searching and Downloading books using DLI Downloader Tool.

System Requirements

  1. Windows XP Windows 7 Windows 8, Mac, Ubuntu 12.10, x86 & x64
  2. Download Java 8 runtime from oracle website and install it on your windows PC.
  3. Run the jar by double-clicking it in the windows environment. UNIX and Mac users please run the following command (or associate with Java Runtime for the first use) java -jar dli-downloader-6.x.x-jar
  4. A GUI will appear once you run the app, and System Tray will now have one icon for controlling this DLI downloader.
  5. Search/Download/Open books in search Tab after the previous step is over.
  6. Once you are done downloading the e-book, goto System Tray and find the DLI icon, right click on it and choose exit.

Tool Image Preview

The Pulpit Rock
Fig 1. EBook Search Panel View.

The Pulpit Rock
Fig 2. EBook Download Panel View.

The Pulpit Rock
Fig 3. DLI Downloader Settings Panel View.

1. I am not able to start the Application, how do I troubleshoot ?

Please note that this application works almost on all platforms, the only dependency is the Java 7. run the following command to make sure that proper version of Java is installed on your system.

java -version

shall result in

java version “1.8.X”
Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_21-b11)
Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 23.21-b01, mixed mode)

If it doesn’t, then something is wrong with the installation. make sure previous versions of Java are un-installed properly.

2. I am facing a problem while downloading a particular barcode, it fails every time I try to download. I am not able to understand the logs, what should I do ?

Whenever a failure occurs, a log file is created in download directory with name .log

Please send that log file to me at
I will analyze the failure cause and get back to you.

3. I have lots of DLI books with me spread over multiple directories, how can i make sure that i am not downloading the same file again, causing duplicates ?

All download directories can be configured in DLI Settings. Open DLI settings and set the following property downloadDirectories to reflect all the DLI download directories separating them with semicolon. For example -


Please note that each DLI pdf should have barcode present in its name. Now DLI downloader will scan all the PDF’s at the startup time and will not allow you to download them again by giving you the warning that PDF for this barcode already exists.

4. I do not want to have PDF metadata Page in my downloaded PDF’s. How can I remove that page ?

This can be configured in DLI Settings.
Set createBarcodePage = false will suppress the creation of first metadata page.

5. I want to Configure Proxy Settings to run this tool under corporate firewall, How can I do that ?

HTTP proxy support is not yet added to this tool, but you can give a try passing this command line arguments and see if it works for you.

java -client -Dhttp.proxyHost= -Dhttp.proxyPort=8800 -jar DLIDownloader-4.8-jar-with-dependencies

6.) I have a text file which contains ten’s of barcodes each separated by a line, Can I use that file to download all those barcodes instead entering each of them into tool manually ?

Tool can accept the as the input in such case. Just paste the path for that text file into input of Tool and it will create downloads for you.

7.) Why does DLI Downloader takes some time when I try to shut it down ?

DLI Downloader is a multi-threaded application where multiple files are downloaded in background for a given barcode. When a download is in progress then we try to complete the currently downloading TIFF before exit in order to have a graceful shutdown leaving no intermittent partial download. That’s why it takes some time, and you will see no partially downloaded file onto your disk.

Product Details

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  • Munish Chandel
  • 6.2.2
  • 18,380
  • C755E13VGS
  • English
  • ZIP
  • ShunyaFoundation
  • Product Available for download right after purchase.

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